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17th July 2016

As Featured in Creative Head Magazine Editorial Ambassador Blog by our very own Stephan Hill

As a member of the KMS editorial team, I am fortunate to be able to work along side some extremely talented and passionate stylists. Each of our sessions together offers something unique and challenging and this day was no exception. We would be paired off and the mission was to show that we could work together as a unit without compromising each other’s creativity, on a live model and under time pressure.

In the morning, we took time to gather inspiration from the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition showing at the Barbican which is titled “From sidewalk to catwalk”.

unnamed (4)

We had an hour to make our way through the exhibits which started with a very British theme. Showcasing some of the designers early work, this area was clearly inspired by the British punk era.
It related to a certain time period and was complimented with visual images, taken from catwalk, editorial and media coverage. Animated mannequins talked you through important aspects of design philosophy and inspiration, which was very effective and quite unique! Subsequent areas were all presented in this way which made it easy to learn and be inspired from what we saw!

unnamed (3)

Back at the Academy, we began discussing what we had seen and heard and sought to use this information to create a mood board and theme for our look. It quickly became apparent that both myself and partner for the day, Sam, had come away from the exhibition with similar ideas and were both inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s love of erotica, burlesque and Madonna! The looks he had created for the style icon were a particular highlight.

unnamed (2)

And so, the theme Blonde Burlesque was created.
Once we had presented our ideas to each other in the form of mood boards, we had roughly an hour to style our models. A make-up artist was on hand during this time to help compliment our vision. The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. From the exhibition itself to watching the final looks being photographed. It was inspiring working with Sam and I learned a lot.

unnamed (1)

The most rewarding part of the day for me though was having the opportunity to work along side some amazing stylists and witness each of our creations come to life in front of the camera, creating an effective collection of images, individully unique yet all inspired from the same source.


So, until next time…

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